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"A nifty program and a quick tweak can help organize the clutter..."
Steve Bass

"What a relief! Now that is how I wanted my Start Menu to look!..."
Joe Tex


Superior replacement for the MS Quick Launch bar.






Start Menu XP

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Vista Start Menu

Start Menu

Tidy Favorites

Start Menu X

Windows 8 Start Button

Transform XP to Vista

windows 7 menu classic

Administration mode

This mode allows you to modify the Start Menu for all users. It can also be used for customizing the menu for the remote users of the system - Windows Terminal Server.

Customizing the menu for multiple users is as easy as for a single user. You also have an ability to hide programs.

This mode is used for modifying the list of programs which all users can see. For instance, your child does not need to have access to office or system applications. This mode can also be used by system administrators to create a separate menu for engineers and a separate one for warehouse or office staff.

Refer to the program help for a detailed description of this function.

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